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CA Approved Course:

LIC #E9629

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This Course is California Traffic School for California Traffic Tickets.

Licensed by the DMV #E9629. We've helped thousands of drivers mask their traffic ticket. Course Info:

  • Free Electronic Certificate Submission to Court & DMV
  • Open-book 25 Question Final Exam
  • Free Certificate PDF Download
  • 6 Short Chapters
Step 01.

Pass Guarantee Offer

Have test anxiety or don’t want to waste valuable time? Choose our "pass guarantee" and you say goodbye to your worries. The DMV only allows you 2 attempts to pass the final exam (it's ridiculous). If you fail both we'll reset your account so you can try again for FREE!

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Step 02.

Select Your Certification Method

We will send you an email upon completion of our course. However, we recommend the following options due to the inefficiencies at the Court/DMV level we have seen in our 24 years of experience.

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Step 03.

Select Your Processing Method

Your certificate of completion will be processed 3 business days after completion and electronically submitted to the TVCC System shared by both the Court and DMV to verify your certificate of completion.

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